Saturday, July 04, 2009

4th of July Celebration

I found this cake over the internet and decided I could duplicate it for our barbecue at the church. I enjoyed baking and decorating it. I couldn't believe how simple it was. The hardest part was trying to keep Joshua away from it. He kept trying to lick the frosting off.

Here is Joshua mesmerized by the sparkles. We spent the 4th with our church family. Pastor Juan and some of the men cooked alot of food. We had rib eyes, pork ribs, venison, hamburgers, hotdogs, hot wings, and I'm sure I'm missing alot more. Shortly after eating we enjoyed an amazing firework display sponsored by one of our local grocery store owners. It seems like every year it lasts longer and ends with a bigger blast than the year before. We hope your 4th was just as fun as ours.

Another baseball season ends once again. Here is Kendra with not only her dad but her coach. After the game on Monday, we drove down to Pizza Hut and enjoyed a great meal along with all the team of kids and coaches, team mom and some parents. Buck also surprised the kids with their own medal. Even though coach pitch is still a learning league, Buck felt like showing his appreciation to the kids for their hard work.