Saturday, November 15, 2008

Girl Scouts Father Daughter Dance

Oh how sweet. I love this picture. Kendra decided to skip bowling for Girl Scouts this year. Last night Girl Scout Leaders hosted a Father/Daughter Dance for all participants and their dads. Buck had to work but clocked out early to be part of this event. Buck said that after 2 songs all the girls ditched their dads and they danced with each other. Many dads including Buck felt a little uncomfortable while they danced since most of them can't move to a single beat. Now that's dedication to their little girls. They made an effort and danced but they ended up standing around watching as the girls showed off on the dance floor. I'm sure this was the perfect time for all the fathers to meet and reminisce. The night ended with some beverages and snacks. Although the event was a couple of hours long, Kendra enjoyed every bit of her special night out with her dad. View the video below and see Kendra in action.

Appointement in Salt Lake

Saturday, November 8 we traveled to Utah for Joshua's appointment at Schrinners Hospital for kids. As you all know Joshua was born with clubfeet. On foot needed further attention so we made a special trip to Salt Lake for that need. Everything is okay. He will not have surgery at this time. He has to wear a brace during the night and is to wear his everyday shoes backwards. To all you mothers, I think we can agree that we spend countless weeks, maybe months teaching our kids to wear clothing and shoes appropriately, but in Joshua's case he must wear them on the wrong foot. The reason for that is it helps straighten his left foot since it bends inward. Anyway, his appointment was on Monday but we made plans to spend a short weekend with his family. Whom by the way sure like to have fun. Bella is quiet a character. She doesn't like to sleep and tried very hard to keep us awake. We ate lots of food, sang karoake and Jonathan took us around to do a little sight seeing. Buck and I wished we had more time but the main reason for the trip was for Joshua. After spending some time in Salt Lake I definitely agree to another trip. LONGER TRIP. Kendra Mia and myself really enjoyed this experience. Can't wait to go back.